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Smackin Salt Free Seasoning "Basic AF"

Smackin Salt Free Seasoning "Basic AF"

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Are you ready to cook like Sunni! Well now you can. My Basic AF seasoning is the salt free foundation to every savory recipe I've ever made. This 4oz bottle packs plenty of flavor and is perfect for rice, french fries, potatoes, veggies, and anything you can imagine! Pre-order at this discounted price and be ready for the holidays, Sunday dinners, cookouts and every occasion. Once you have had a taste, this will be your  go-to blend for infusing savory dishes with pure, robust flavors without relying on a grain of salt! This masterful mix is your secret ingredient to elevating the taste of any dish.

It's perfect for those managing their sodium intake or anyone looking to explore the depth of flavors that can be achieved without salt.

Sprinkle it with confidence on roasted vegetables, toss it with grains, or rub it onto your favorite plant-based proteins. 

Grab it and get cooking today!

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