About Me

Peace beautiful souls! I'm Sunni Speaks, and I'm happy you're here. You coulda been anywhere on these vegan streets but you're here with me, and I'm hella grateful! I started this journey a few years back, with a goal of helping my community one bite at a time.  My goal is not to get you to go vegan...my goal is to make the food so damn GOODT that you forget meat isn't on your plate. 

I've always believed that food is more than just sustenance; it's a love language, a movement of spirit, and cooking is alchemy and an art form. As a proud black woman, I've taken it upon myself to reinvent our rich cuisine that spans the diaspora in new and nourishing ways. I've transformed the things we've grown up on into vegan masterpieces, and elevated them to unimaginable heights, without losing an ounce of their original essence.

Through my cooking demonstrations across the globe and the pages of my authored books, I aim to educate and inspire, showing the world that veganism isn't just a trend— and our food and cooking techniques are just as rich as our culture. Embracing veganism doesn't mean letting go of our roots. Instead, it's about reimagining food and flavor.

Join me as I travel, cook, write, and advocate for a culinary platform where our food is the center of the story and the table, without losing its flavor or sustainability.