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  • Vegan Block Party Attendee

    Sis! That philly pasta demo was everything! Such a great personality!

  • Vegan Community Member

    "Sooooo it's you! Why am I just finding out about this? I had dem vegan oxtails yesterday and all wanted was more, they were amazing. I will be placing an order. I live in Fort Lauderdale.... I'm now a follower for life!

  • Meal Prep Client

    This food was like a warm blanket that comforted me while I mourned my sister this evening.

    She died in August. Bless you and your food.

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Vegan Lasagna Recipe

Savor our Vegan Lasagna, where tender pasta layers meet a medley of herb infused tomato sauce and a rich, homemade vegan ricottaThis dish is not just a feast for your taste buds, but also a testament to the art of plant-based cuisine.

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Eco Tote Bag

Embark on an adventure with the 'Traderius Joseph' tote, inspired by the beloved Duck Tales! This ethically designed bag features crafted premium organic cotton and is ideal for carrying everything from your treasure trove of groceries to your library of tales; it's durable and eco-friendly.

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Stoney the Vegan

Discover the joy of compassionate, healthful eating from a child's perspective with "Stoney the Vegan." Stoney's adventures lead him to show his friend the beauty of good eatin' as a vegan. The story will keep all eyes on Stoney leading to the finale: a recipe for vegan pizza in the back of the book. Vegan made so easy even a kid can do it!

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