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21 Fresh

21 Fresh

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Introducing "21 Fresh" your essential eCookbook for exploring the rich tapestry of vegan cuisine. This carefully crafted digital guide is designed for anyone ready to savor the full experience of whole food, plant-based eating, whether you’re taking your first steps or are already a devoted to a plant-based lifestyle.

"21 Fresh" will take you through breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with delightful interludes of smoothies and snacks to ensure you never miss a meal. Each recipe is an ode to the joy of eating plants, with 7 regular vegan, 7 raw vegan, and 7 Dr. Sebi alkaline vegan

Embrace the rhythm and soul of cooking with my globally inspired playlist. Each track, available on both Spotify and Apple Music, is selected from a wide range of artists. This eCookbook is a feast for your ears as much as for your palate.

Highlights of "21 Fresh" include:

- **Diverse Meal Options**: An array of recipes for every moment, featuring nourishing breakfasts, energizing lunches, satisfying dinners, and even quick snacks and smoothies to keep the plant-based goodness flowing all day long.

- **Global Cooking Playlist**: A unique collection of music that celebrates a world of sounds, setting the perfect tempo for your kitchen escapades.

- **Downloadable Content**: Designed for convenience, "21 Fresh" is formatted to be downloaded to any mobile device, ensuring you have access to these life-affirming recipes wherever your plant-based journey may lead you.

- **Beautiful Imagery and Easy Instructions**: Each recipe is accompanied by vivid images and straightforward directions, making it easy for cooks of all skill levels to follow along.

- **Holistic Shopping Guide**: Complete with a beginner-friendly grocery list, this eCookbook equips you with everything you need to stock your pantry with plant-based power.

- **Instant Access to a Healthier You**: With your purchase, you gain immediate entry into a world of culinary delight, ready to be explored from the screen of your favorite device.

Whether you're at home, on vacation, or living the nomadic lifestyle, "21 Fresh" is your trusty companion, ensuring that delicious, plant-based meals are always at your fingertips. Join the movement of conscious eating and let "21 Fresh" be the soundtrack to your healthful life’s journey.
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